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Maintaining Legal Status


WE are responsible for giving you the information you need to legally live in the U.S. while you study. YOU are responsible for understanding the rules and regulations and for keeping your non-immigrant student visa valid. We are required to report to the government any changes to your student status, and/or cancel visas of students who do not maintain status.

While at Longwood, your student SEVIS record is managed in the Center for Global Engagement by the Designated School Officials (DSOs). To maintain status and take advantage of the benefits provided by your student visa you must do the following:
  • Attend mandatory meetings for all international students.
  • Provide copies of your passport information page, student visa, signed I-20 or DS 2019.
  • Provide current US address, phone number, and email for each semester you attend Longwood.
  • Maintain a full course of study (minimum of 12 credits per semester).
  • Make normal progress in your course of study but alert the DSO one semester prior to your I-20 expiration date if you will not do so.
  • Obtain a travel signature from a DSO before departing the US – you must complete the  (pdf) before receiving a signature.
  • Maintain a valid student visa during your course of study.
  • Understand your employment options and do not violate your status by working illegally off campus
  • Inform DSO of your planned internship – off campus internships must be recorded in SEVIS.
  • Follow the transfer procedures if you choose to transfer to another university.
  • Notify DSO of academic probation, suspension or disciplinary action.

To make the most of your time at Longwood check the Center for Global Engagement Canvas page at least once a month to stay informed of changes and requirements.

For more details, go to the SEVIS webpage on maintaining status.


To meet Longwood’s requirements for study be aware of the following:
  • Submit required Immunization Record(pdf).
  • Enroll in Longwood recommended health insurance plan or submit proof of qualifying insurance.
  • Upon request provide international admissions with original or certified original secondary school or community college transcripts.
  • Attend classes.
  • Pay bills each semester or ensure that your sponsor is paying the bill.
  • Pay parking fines, library fees, or other items that show up on your student account.
  • Go to the  (or office) to order enrollment verification forms, transcripts, or withdrawal forms – you must officially withdraw from the university if you return home or transfer.