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Activate your Lancernet and LiveMail Accounts

Your Lancernet ID and Longwood LiveMail address are at the bottom of your acceptance letter. 
Your Longwood LiveMail address will be our official method of contacting you after you pay your deposit, so please check it regularly. 
Activating your LiveMail Account:
  1. Activate your LancerNet ID and Longwood LiveMail Account (provided at the bottom of your acceptance letter) 
  2. Click on: I am a new student and need to activate my LancerNet ID and LiveMail accounts. Click Submit. 
  3. Enter your LancerNet ID. 
  4. Enter your birthdate in the format MM/DD/YYYY. (M=month, D=Day, Y=year) 
  5. Go to your personal email address that you have on file at the University (provided at the bottom of your acceptance letter) to receive a link to create your LancerNet password. (The LancerNet password that you create must be a minimum of 15 characters (must include 1 capital letter & 1 number). Your temporary Longwood LiveMail password will be the first eight characters of your LancerNet password). 
  6. Go to On the top right side of the screen click on LANCER DASHBOARD and select LiveMail. 
Can't Access your Account?
If you experience difficulty accessing your account, remember to go to CYPHIR to manage your LancerNet password and click on the appropriate link to activate or change your password.